View Your Security Cameras On Your Phone

James setup the firewall changes today at Newnan Professional Center, a medical office building near the hospital in Newnan GA, to allow a smartphone app to access the security cameras in real time.

He’s smiling widely because it worked like a charm. No gotchas or glitches!

In our experience, this widely advertised feature always looks better on the ad that in real life. But this combination of Digital Video Recorder, static IP address, Internet Service Provider, firewall, and smartphone App worked flawlessly.

James Hutchins with a real-time video view of the lobby at a medical office building

James is all smiles as he shows off the real-time view of the lobby on his phone

On a small smartphone app, it’s hard to make out faces, but you certainly can see if someone is in an area they shouldn’t be in or if there is an emergency. To make out faces, you can always logon remotely with a laptop or desktop with a higher resolution and larger screen.

In this building, they can access the HVAC controls or security cameras remotely over the internet. Very handy for the building management and security folks!

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