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The upgrade takes about and hour plus or minus. We do it at your practice or business for your convenience.  You have no costs to disconnect equipment, drive to a computer service center, go pick it up when done, reconnect everything.  No hidden costs for you.

The cost includes: The cost of the drive.  $85 labor.  Some more $$$ to cover tax on the drive, shipping, needed brackets, cables, and screws.  Click on the red order button to see our guaranteed, fixed prices.  SSD costs have come down so much this upgrade compares very favorably with the productivity increases and decreased frustration you will get from you staff.

One warning… the Solid State Drives that we have confidence in sell out frequently (then come back into stock.)  We’ll let you know if this should happen and keep you posted when them come in.


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Tell Me The Downside

There is only one thing I need to warn you about.  Upgrading a computer with an Solid State Drive will speed-up that computer only.  It WILL NOT speed up the internet, cloud-servers, or local servers.  So if your main bottleneck is a server-based practice management system or accounting system, you will still have that bottleneck.  Your computer will boot faster, be more responsive, do local tasks faster, open up the practice management or accounting app faster… but the back-end part of the practice management system or accounting system will perform much the same.

Also, be aware that we see the most dramatic speed improvements with computers that are 3 years old or less.  For example, Phil’s current laptop was purchased in December 2016.  It has a fast processor, lots of memory (RAM), and fast graphics.  The glaring issue was the old spinning hard drive that came stock with the laptop.  Phil put in a Solid State Drive the day after he bought the laptop, and experienced a dramatic performance improvement.

Here’s are some stats from another newer laptop that we upgraded recently.  More modest than Phil’s experience, but still dramatic enough for the owner to feel like he has a brand new machine.  All measured speeds showed a 2 to 6 times improvement:

Task Before Time (sec) After Time (sec) Improvement (%) Improvement (times as fast)
Login (all system tray items loaded, no spinning donut) 49 22 55.10% 2.23
Open MS Word 18 3 83.33% 6.00

Here are some stats from an older computer that we upgraded recently.  This computer had been relegated to the conference room because if was so old and slow nobody would use it.  They hated to use it in the conference room too.  But after the SSD upgrade, it was productive to use again.  The lesson here is to expect a nice improvement but not a miracle on hardware that is 4 to 6 years old.

Task Before Time (sec) After Time (sec) Improvement Improvement (times as fast)
Login (all system tray items loaded, no spinning donut) 42 32 23.81% 1.31
Open MS Outlook 11 8.5 22.73% 1.29
Open Sage 100 to “company list” screen 23 3 86.96% 7.67

Here’s my general rule of thumb:  If the computer in question is more than 5 years old, replace it, don’t do an SSD upgrade. 
Less than 5 years old (especially if it has Windows 10), do an SSD upgrade and enjoy the speed and productivity boost.

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