Solid State Drive Upgrade


Solid State Drive upgrade.  Make your existing computers fast and responsive and boost the productivity of your staff.

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Give your existing computers a very significant speed and productivity boost by installing a Solid State Drive.  Goodbye slow, crash-prone, 1980s-technology, spinning hard-drive.   Hello new-generation speed and responsiveness.  Guarantee: We’ll put your old hard drive back in and refund all your money back if you don’t love it.

  • We come to you in Fayette and Cowetta counties. No need to drag your computer into a service center and be down for days.
  • We clone your existing hard drive to a high-performance Solid State Drive (SSD), install the SSD in your laptop or desktop, and test. Downtime is approximately one hour per computer. We’ll do our best to schedule this at the best time for you.​
  • We’ve done scores of these upgrades over the past 3 years. We supply the cables, docking station, proven cloning software, mounting screws and brackets… everything needed.​
  • Don’t like the results? Contact us within 30 days and we’ll come back and put your original hard drive back in so your computer it will be right back where it started. We’ll take the Solid State Drive back and refund all your money. We’ve never had anyone take us up on this offer but it’s a real one. Chances are you’ll be a convert like Phil and only give up your SSD only when somone pries your cold dead hands from around it.​

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256 GB, 500GB (most common), 1TB